Summer love

 Summer love...

Anti Fashion Manila Bow Lace | Kamison Swimwear | Jordache Shorts

Bracelet from Arm Candy | Shades from le bestfriend | Achi's Floral Mint Dress |
Victoria Secret Love Pink Flip-flops

Summer is finally here! I know I'll be missing it a lot because of my review but thank you for a wonderful family! I felt the summer heat somehow.
So how to beat the heat this summer? It's time to pull out your breezy summer swimsuits, shades, flip-flops, and sun block! I will never get tired wearing my stripes high-waist over and over again. Isn't it cute? It's just so perfect for summer plus the red stripes give an impact! I wore the mint floral dress and not the usual cover up to make a difference. You can't hide it, Mint is so refreshing to the eyes. I hope you are all ending your holy week happy! Xo, lalala