...judge her when you know her

 "...judge her when you know her."

Beanie Greenhills | Sweater from mom | Bayo Skirt | Sole Mate Flats
Just a short update cause' i'm pretty busy reviewing in the moment. I hope you guys started the month of April right! Thank God It's memory work today!

It has been fairly cold these past few days so I thought of wearing my all-time-stacked-sweaters to keep me warm. Tehe! Sweaters are cute and fashionable. It's kinda one-time outfit right? Trying out unusual outfit for a cool breezy environment inside the review hall. I completed my outfit with the beanie and printed flats to not exaggerate my outfit. Anyway, I'll try my best to update my blog time to time. More review outfits soon. Xo, lalala