Review Day 13

Review Day 13. May power word is confidence,
because it can move you forward in all aspects of your life. -BDJ

K's Red Bonnet | Sunnies from Wholesale-dress.netBestfinds Thriftshop Top |
Jordache Shorts | @fivebyfive Strappy Wedges

I'm back temporarily! I missed a lot of things already especially working and blogging of course. I hope you miss my daily post too because I've got bunch of OOTD post for you guys! 
To everyone of you who wonder why I've been MIA lately, it is because I was pretty busy preparing and reviewing for my NLE board last June 2 and 3. I hope you guys prayed and wishes me good luck! *crossingmyfingers*
Anyway, here's a quick outfit post. I thank God for the cold weather we had experienced during our review, it seems like we are all going to fly over the North Pole! Haha crazy summer adventure!
I told myself to step out in the box and try new things and so I did. I paired my floral polo top from Bestfinds Thriftshop with my red jordache shorts. I injected a black stockings to add a little drama and to emphasize the red shorts in the outfit.
As you can see I'm wearing a new sunnies, a flipping sunnies to be exact. I'm dying to have one back then and I thanked for giving me this amazing unique eye wear. It's not just a fashionable flipping sunnies but it also protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. I definitely recommend you to visit their shop for more fashionable and cheap findings. Til' my next post. I miss you guys! Let me know if it's a yay or nay for a come back garage sale and giveaway. Xo, lalala