Review Day 14

Memo Woman Blazer | Oxygen Skirt | Top from Le Sister | Heels from wholesale-dress

Did you know dressing appropriately and conservatively for any interview is vitally important. How does your outfit help or hurt your chances of being successful? Here's more on what to wear from You Look Fab when you want to make the best impression.
  • Skirts versus Slacks: You might perceive this differently, but I find skirt and dress suits more formal than pant suits. So if you want to make an even more formal impression, go with a skirt suit. But if you feel better in slacks than skirts, stick with the slacks suit."
  • Neutrals versus Colour: Keep your suit and separates neutrally toned. Black is not your only option: grey, brown, caramel, olive and navy are great too, and so is a subtle pinstripe. What you wear under the jacket needn’t be neutral, but I’d stay away from anything too bold just because it might overpower you in the interview, and distract the interviewer.
  • Wear good shoes: Keep them close-toed, heeled, polished and fairly neutral. Sling-backs, pumps, mary janes and oxfords are all fab.
  • Limit the accessories: By all means wear accessories, but stay away from anything too flashy, noisy and oversized. Again, it’s distracting for the interviewer. A watch, wedding ring, specs and small earrings are flop proof, whereas chunky necklaces, bracelets and scarves are a little harder to get right. If in doubt, leave it off.
  • Light make-up and perfume: Wear just enough so that you smell sweet and look polished. Check for lipstick on your teeth just before you go into the interview.
Before you even think about going on any interview, make sure you have appropriate interview attire and everything fits correctly. Get your clothes ready the night before, so you don't have to spend time getting them ready on the day of the interview. Lastly, bring a breath mint and use it before you enter the interview room. I hope I did a little help to anyone of you who will be applying for a job!

Anyhow, This is what I wore during our PRC filing though it's not a formal interview. Of course, I want that first impression to be not just a good one, but, a great one. Just a smart casual get up for my so, I opted to wear this birthday gift floral top from le sister and paired it with a black skirt for a formal-decent look! Since I wanted to wear something neutrally toned get up, I took the opportunity to wear this stunning apricot heels from wholesale-dress. Isn't the shoes amazingly sexy?  But of course you don't want to have a bad day wearing those killer heels all day, so you better be ready with your cute flats too! Don't forget to check wholesale-dress for affordable pieces for your important agendas! Xo, lalala