Review Day 15

A pair of "triple sole" Creepers shoes! 

K's Bonnet | Sunnies from Wholesale-dress | Derek Heart Sweater |
No Boundaries Leggings | Touch Down Creepers

Before hitting the sack let me thank everyone who adopted some of my pieces on my previous post - A Come-Back Garage Sale! It was very very successful and I know it's all possible because of you guys! Thank you so much! Enjoy your new pieces. More soon! So, before anything else allow me  to end my day by sharing to you one of my favorite outfits that I wore during our review days. What can you say? It's a crazy summer for us right? 

Wearing sweater during the summer? Totally INSANE! But anyhow, I styled my outfit from a simple yet edgy look. Just like wearing your LBD (Little Black Dress), it will never run out of style! To have a little contrast I paired it with a plain black leggings and tried my first ever creepers! Actually, I received so many positive feed-backs about it (e.g. I look taller and etc.) Though it feels awkward because of the heaviness but it feels a little better and comfortable if you're used to it! To complement more about my look, I boosted up with the flip sunnies from Wholesale-dress. Hope you like it! Xo, lalala