Review Day 16

Review Day 16. I will do my best and to you God I will entrust my fate. 

OXYGEN™ Crop Top | Old Navy Colorful Scarf | Accessories from Li's Closet | 
Bubbles Ombre Shorts | Solemate Flats

Hi guys! I've been MIA lately and I don't know why. Maybe because I'm not yet over with my review schedules before. Haha. Anyway, I'm sharing another lazy outfit I wore during our review. 

This time, I'm one happy kid when it comes to colors. Is there anyone who don't love colors especially pastel colors? Well not me! For this outfit I tried K's gift, a crop top from OXYGEN™ and paired it with this Bubbles Ombre Shorts! 

As expected, last summer was another sauna experience! How can you possibly cope with such unbearable heat? Well, dress less. That's right! I wore sheer tops, tank tops, and especially some shorts! And how did I stay on trend last summer? I thought about dressing up my plain, boring, old shorts and customize them by dying and or maybe studding them up. Because I'm too busy with my review I tried one of Bubbles' trendy pieces! Don't you just love it? You can also try making your own eye catchy ombre shorts. Just one click away to see a guide of some DIY ombre shorts! Matching up my outfit, I spiced it up with a scarf and these cute colorful accessories from Li's Closet. I like how it matches my shorts. A perfect match indeed! Looking for trendy accessories too? Like them on Facebook - Li's Closet / Instagram - @libebi for updates! Xo, lalala