Creamy Latte

It's not what you think but the color of  these photos made me think of a creamy latte...

 Peppermint Top | Taylor and Co Bandage Skirt | Michael Antonio Heels

Pardon me, I don't like how those shots was taken because there's no contrast between the subject (me) and the background. Agree? That's why creamy latte popped into my mind while enhancing these photos! So neutral! Just so you know I was alone taking those photos! Haha Look at my right hand (I bet you'll scroll up) trying to hide the remote control. You did it right? Fantastic you didn't notice on the first glance I could take my OOTD's on own now! Yey! But before that I hafta learn how to take a perfect outfit shot. ALONE! 

Let's talk about my outfit now. When I got the top from Peppermint all I thought it was a dress or is it really a dress? It won't fit me as a dress! le sigh* Since I planned to wear the top on that day, I right away thought of many ways how to create a great ensemble and to get my clothes to match. You know what happened when thought and ensemble blend! I ended up pairing my bandage skirt so it will turn like a body-con (Top / Skirt). You like it? Just a minimal outfit to end this month! You can wear it on a family dinner or on a date too! Enjoy your August! x