Bad Hair Day

Have you ever experience a bad hair day? Well I do.
Let's take a look with my outfit shots and tell me if there's something wrong. Okay?

While rushing to work, I tried curling my hair one or two hours before and ended up frustrated because my hair won't really hold without any hair spray. That sucks!
So I didn't mind about it and dress myself up. Since blue was the color themed of the event I paired my tribal leggings with blue spikey collared top and cover up with a blazer. It gave me the formal look that I want.

When you are rushing to a party or any event you will never go wrong when pairing your bag and shoes, blazer and bottom. In my case I paired my top with the suede wedges that will still keep the formal look! Agree?
For Me Blazer | Local Store Top / Tribal Leggings / Wedges 

So, back to my question. Is there something wrong? Look at my hair, my usual uncombed hair! Sometimes I want to have a new hair look but I'm not ready to let go my long hair yet. Am I the only one who feel that way? I hope not.

I'm wondering what could be the answer of my problem! Hmm. Did you heard about hair extensions already? I did! Way way back but never have the chance to try one! Hair extensions are very popular trend today, offer versatility that real hair cannot give -- add length, shape, style, and color in minutes! So I stumbled upon this site named, where they sell various kinds of extensions like curl, straight, short, bangs and even 24 Inch Brazilian Hair Extensions!

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