Just go with the flow

When you and your tripod + remote collide?

Necklace  c/o House of Keezelle | Oxygen Cardigan | Eightyfifth Closet Dress | Scarlet Heels

Look at my haggard-ness! These photos was taken by K and I realized how one thing could change your mood instantly. Maybe this is the last time I will let him take my outfit photos when he's not in the mood. Meh!

This is one of the reasons why I want to have a remote and a tripod with me! If you're following me on instagram - @lalalapatriciatan, you can easily check how my photos turned out using my remote and tripod! Sometimes we don't need someone's help especially if they don't want too. We have to think a better alternatives!

Finally, try for yourself! You just have to go with the flow even though you don't know what's behind those lenses but in the end, you'll be amaze with the outcome!

Anyhow showing off my feminine side by wearing this cute dainty dress from Eightyfifth Closet! And since I attended a baptismal party I wore this oxygen cardigan to cover up my skin and to minimize everything! Just a quick update! Let me know your thoughts about who's taking your photos and if we're experiencing the same thing! Haha Adios! x