Florals con florals

Spot the not! 

 Monkee Business Top | Oversized Cardi & Skirt from Mom

I attended a baptismal party weeks ago and opted to wear florals con florals to look more feminine and holy. It doesn't mean you are wearing skirts, it's not holy anymore. Of course you have to know the limitations like the length and all. Like me, I covered up with my favorite cardi to hide a little bit of my skin.

If you're a follower way way back, you know that i'm not fond of accessories, I just let the prints/colors of the clothes speaks for itself! Sometimes, you don't need accessories though it adds to something else to make it more attractive! But a big thanks to shops who are very kind, accessories and I are currently in a relationship right now! 

With the whole ensemble, I just want to sway and sway! There's still a 'kid at heart' in me! That's it! Just a short update, Manila OOTD trip soon! Wish me luck! x