Fashion That Fits Experience

"Here are our winners, Jacqueline Perez and Patricia Tan!
They will be styled by Lissa Kahayon and will be featured on the next issue of Fashion That Fits." SMLadiesFashion (July 10, 2013)

Did you guys remember the last two months how SMLadiesFashion made me happy despite those heartbroken situation I felt during that week? Oh I just realized that there's no such thing as perfection, we can't get everything what we want. But we can learn from our mistakes and from our experience. We always pass to failure on our way to success. Life must go on! We have a lot to be thankful for! Anyway, are you ready for the BTS photos? Scroll down...
Goofing around while shooting..

  Last part of the shoot...
Photo opp with lissa Kahayon after the shoot!
 and with Jaqui Perez! 
Next, at SM Rooftop for another set of photoshoot! Okay Take 1. We're not yet ready!
 Take 2, Jaqui's not! haha
 Take 3, Okay, SMILE!
Of course, I won't miss a solo opp with Lissa Kahayon!
 Another photoshoot somewhere. Haha 
and last, inside the Prestige Lounge! Now, Hold your breath as I present...

 Fashion That Fits - Issue One
Volume 1 | October - November 2013
It's finally out! Check out our issue for Fashion that Fits,

SM Fashion that FitsVimeo from Reel Deal Video on Vimeo

"I like this outfit 'cause it suits my personality and style!
Thank you SMLadiesFashion! I really enjoyed Fashion That Fits!"

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Addi and Myra for everything! I know I gave you some headaches but I hope I made you happy and thank you for making this possible! 

To Jaqui, Lissa and the team, I am pretty happy to meet you all and thank you for the memorable experience! I will never ever forget this opportunity! I hope to meet and work with you again in the future! 

Though I'm pretty busy with my review now, I just have to dedicate this success with you guys! SM Fashion That Fits Shoot was never in my dream! It was one hell of experience. I know I took some risks just to get there but yet it's totally worth it!

Always remember, A failure is not a reason to stop chasing our dreams but it's a chance to make it or ourselves better. I won't promise but I will try my best to do everything just to inspire you guys! So, I have to make this story short as I continue to focus in my review, my another dream! Life gets happier and tastier when we have big dreams! x