Everyone's talking about their wishlist and so am I! These past few days, I was looking for an online shop who sells an accurate clothes measurements and helpful size categorization to ensure that it find the right fitting! It's a must in every online shopping! You won't take the risks returning your orders just for the sake it don't fit you right? Hassle fees and time! And I'm looking for a shop that gives a wholesale price since I am planning to buy bulk orders - presents for the family. Do you know one? I miss being a Santa! Ho ho

I'm very happy while browsing some online shops from other countries, I saw some with very cheap and affordable products that sells the same thing here but a little bit pricey! You know what I mean. Over pricing!

Let me share to you this shop's value proposition is good prices and large variety. Despite being a wholesaler, we, customers can buy one piece at wholesale prices with no minimum purchase quantity. Fantastic isn't it? 


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Look at those pieces above! The clothes defines me well. The texture and clothing are perfect for my feminine side. Sweet and dainty! You saw the rubix bag? It's just one of their interesting and unique bag. Perfect! It will give you a colorful yet edgy look. Lastly, those accessories are to die for! You don't need a connector ring because single ones can do a lot for you! It's either you can wear it as single ring or double ring in one finger. Check their site for more lovely findings! x