Yin Yang

The opposite yet they can not exist without each other...

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This is supposed to be an outfit post but still I would connect it as mush as I can. Make sense! As we all know what just happened here in our hometown, Zamboanga City! We all need your prayers! May God bless each and everyone of us (good or bad) to enlighten our hearts with all goodness. Be with us Lord!

The title says it all, "A yin-yang symbolizes the belief that there is two sides to everything. The light without dark, no day without night, happiness without sadness, good without bad, etc.. It also shows that nothing is purely good or bad or so on and so forth. The two pieces on their own are half, together they are whole, and balanced. The Yin side represents good/light/day ( pretty much anything positive) and Yang is pretty much anything negative. Yin, in a yin-yang, is always on the left side."

Like Yin-yang even they're opposite to one another but still they can not exist without each other. We, Christians and Muslims are united as one against the terrorism. I do believe that not all Muslims are terrorist! Judge a man by it's character not by his religion!

I hope you all like my outfit even with all the commotions happening here. Keeping it clean and proper with my Origami Skort from iFassion. You can check their shop for unique clothing  Worth every penny! Don't forget to join my Giveaway and Fashion That Fits x Chicnova Giveaway! Adios! Keep safe! x