Denim x Florals

Denim over floral? 

Top from SM | Floral from a Local Store | Flats from K's Mom

FINALLY, IT'S CALL FOR UPDATE! I was pretty depressed these past few days thinking how to update my blog with all my files and OOTDs' I have in my lappy who just gave up on me I think (ain't sure yet). Errr! My brain was also confused with work and future-related things and all that.

So many things to rant but was thinking if I have to and if I still inspire you guys with my blogpost or do I still have a reader/s? Hah! I know I abandoned my blog year ago but was trying to balance things and hopefully I can gain more followers to inspire life through my outfits and my daily life experiences. At the end of the day, I still have to think what's really the purpose of me having this blog. I guess I just need to get myself all together soon for me to be able to be connected with you guys and please do bear with me! 

To start of, hurray for quality photos which I found in my memory card. So, let me share to you a simple getup I wore during my work. I paired one of my favorite denim top over this floral skirt I got from a Local store. Nothing beats a crisp texture top and a floral skirt to have that feminine looking. I decided to finished off with my metallic lavender flats and cozy jacket to have that matchy matchy feels with my skirt. A simple outfit yet anyone can wear! HOW ARE YOU GUYS? Watch out for more outfits and another giveaway coming up this April! x