Keep Going Comeback Giveaway

March International Giveaway

It's five something in the morning and here I am thinking what to post. My first post or shall I say a first comeback post, of course I owe you guys big time! So let me treat you with my co-bloggers, A March International Giveaway! Make sure to join this giveaway and I promise at the end of this post you'll know why I've been on hiatus for so long! Hah!

Before my long-life-drama post, Here are the prizes:


Reminder: Giveaway will start today, March 1 until March 31, 2015. Winners will be announced on April 1 or 2, 2015. Make sure to do all the mandatory instructions. Good luck! So are you ready to read why I've been on hiatus? Bear with me...
From work to life experiences. I realized how hard it was to multi-task things especially when it's not in favor with the situation. When I started working last year, I've tried to balance everything. From work, relationship, even this blog but I just can't manage everything all in one, as what other would say, 'One Step At A Time.' It's true, so I chose to focus on my work and sacrifice not to update time to time (even I wanted and eager to do so) because I need to rest after work and all that.
As time goes by, I also realized I have to keep my attention with my relationship with God, parents and my own family. I didn't know it will be that hard but I keep forward and stayed strong.
I've been happy with work, like seriously! Earning what you worked for? That's super awesome and felt so blessed for everything. But didn't know something isn't working out. It came to a point that someone needs to give up on me. Well, sometimes shit happens.
But I have to pull myself up together and keep going. On that very same day, God gave someone for me to share my heartbroken-story and to let it everything out. I know it's Gods way of letting me feel that it's not the end of the world. I appreciate life back right away but then it didn't work for us either. Sometimes stupidity comes along way when you thought everything is okay but it's still not.
At this very moment, I can't explain what I really feel. It seems everything is floating but life must go on. Maybe we have to be careful on everything. We have to trust ourselves more, our instincts than other people's sweet talks and promises. We have to bare in mind that we have to be our own shining armour and there are so much to be thankful for despite of everything. Always remember, appreciate every mistakes you have done 'cause we can learn from it. It makes us stronger. I have rant too much already and I don't want you to get bored. I will try my best to update this blog time to time but as of the moment, I hope you learn something from my keep going comeback post! Hit me some comments, I'll be happy to hear your advice and anything in between! x