Dance floor

 Let's rock and get wild on the dance floor!

Top from Stile Clothing | DIY Spiked Jordache Shorts | 
Tartan Plaid Pullover from front Row Shop | Spiked Wedge from Sammydress

Let's start the month right by rocking on the dance floor! How I miss chillin' with friends and wearing this kind of outfit! I swear if I got a new baby, I will be sharing more style posts and better photos. For now, we have to deal with my hidden OOTDs in my memory card! Hah!

What do you usually wear when going out to a club or just even chillin around at your favorite cafe? Are you the kind of girl who wears your pastel color top, ruffled skirt and your mid strappy heels? Or are you the conservative one who slips on your jeans but balancing it with a flouncy sleeveless? For me, I would try a lot of mix and matching, to the point I don't know what to wear! Hah! I know we girls are  guilty about that and still ending up wearing what is comfortable! Agree?

There was a time I just want to wear a midriff and a shorts (not your ordinary shorts, of course). Sometimes, we just have to let our right brain works, it's not that your are running out of $$$ but instead you are bored and can't think of anything what to do with those spikey buttons. You gotta let that creativity move! We don't just stick to a minimal look that won't look us presentable right? Then wrap those oversized printed pullover around your hips and wear your spikey tricky wedge! Share your thoughts about this look and your dance floor outfit. Would love to share some tips how to rock yours! x