Once upon a star...

Once upon a star I got my heart broken...
Once upon a star I got my heart broken...Who haven't? Maybe just the young ones but almost all of us experience this kind of ache! I know, I know it's not that easy to pick up yourself all together right away but we need to, for our own sake. Those photos were taken during those days... Isn't that obvious? Anyway, enough with the drama and let me start sharing what I did for me to get that heartache through.

  • Get busy with work - If you are working, this is one thing that could help you forget that stupid nonsense heartache. Especially when you love your work, you'll just forget it and in time you'll realize you have move on already! If you are unemployed, make yourself busy by organizing some party for your friends or family gatherings. Something like this, that's just one party I have organized.
  • EAT - Go grab some food to fill up your growling stomach, feed that taste buds dude! Don't think about how much it will add up your weight instead give your heart a chance this time. It needs you critically! Or grab that much-needed energy boost drink to start your day and keep you going. Check my What's behind my March daily posts? for some food I splurged on during those days.
  • READ - I honestly not the geeky one who loves to read during their spare time but well because of this heartache I started to love books. I first read "What Women Don't Know (and Men Don't tell You) "by Hammond and Brooks. It's such an eye-opener to me. It help me to regain myself and know my worth. I swear with no 'bola' and what not, I highly recommend this book to everyone who's going through some heartache.  I also read Lang Leav's collection of poetry, the choice words, it will sweep you off your feet. Such an inspiration! Recently, I'm done reading Dear Alex, Break na Kami. Paano? Love Catherine by Alex Gonzaga. It's also a great and awesome book! I am sure most of the teenagers can relate and it's kinda has similar with the first book I read.  
  • Let it out - According to Alex G., if you want to say something or what, let it out through vlog (video blog) or pick up a pen and write. As for me, I blog and I felt myself relax. It's such a relief to let it out and read some comments from my readers. They inspire me to live with purpose and to keep moving forward.
  • Watch movies - I recommend, That Thing Called Tadhana, A story about a broken-hearted girl who meets a boy. Together, they go to places and find out "where do broken hearts go?". Not to spoil you but hey, it's a great movie!
  • Read some inspirational quotes - I usually get some inspirations through Pinterest, Iheartit, Twitter - @DavidRoads, @PoemsPorn, @ItsLifeFact, @Quote_Soup and etc, follow me on twitter - @lalalapatricia to check who I am following.
  • Cook - Like reading books, I honestly don't know how to cook. I'm the type of person who eats. But during those darkest days, I'm not just the eater but also I cook and prepare for it. I always cook pancake, different kinds of pancake to be exact. Haha I tried to mix some ingredients like oatmeal, cocoa and so on!
  • Clean some clutter - Day by day clean one portion of your room but please no to reminiscing, it's a big NO NO. It might break you down and give you temporary loneliness again.
  • Pamper yourself - Get your hair and nails done. Shop but don't be to harsh to your pocket. Just treat yourself accordingly!
  • Talk to someone - This is one important thing you have to do. You just don't let it out through blogs, vlogs or whatnot but also let it out to someone. They can give you the best advice you couldn't imagine!

Don't cry, laugh! I hope these tips could help you mend your broken hearts! Cheers to us. Let's enjoy being single! Let me know some of your tips too!