All The Maybes Baby

Life is too short to worry about all the maybes. Smile!

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Hi guys. There's a lot of things popping up in my head on what to blog from what am I up to, about love (char) and everything in between.

Really, I wanted to blog these past few days but I am not that inspired to write about what's my agendas, outfits and etc. Sorry guys, maybe because I am preoccupied with my life. 

Honestly, I'm in the state of being confused, disoriented and "don't know what to do with my life" feeling. Or maybe, I'm just a girl that overthinks instead of following my heart and chase every opportunity comes my way.

I know, I'm too young to think deep thoughts for the future but hey wake up! When are you going to think about your future? We're not getting any younger, we have to think every move we take everyday.

But one thing I am sure at this very moment, I am putting all my trust in God and I am happy. Are you? 

On the other hand, don't forget to stay happy by wearing happy colors everyday. Wear some accessories like those floral head dress to add some spice on your outfit or you can wear floral maxi dress from Looking forward to my next post and don't forget to share your thoughts below. x