New Pieces To Love This Summer

White Prom Dresses

Drawstrings, midrib, aztec prints and varsity shirt are just one of the trendy styles at the moment. 
So I want to treat you this summer! Ready?

If you are following me since college days when I started blogging, you know that I owned an online shop named Cianelle Onlineshop. I actually started with MTO espadrilles, bags, clothes and anything under the sun that will make my customers happy.

It was really fun and it feels so good once you get feedback with your customers. I miss that feeling. Swear! This time, I wanted to make it as my stable business but not quite sure when and where but hopefully soon! For now, enjoy these sweet treats from me!


 I am selling these lovely pieces at P250 on my shop but if you will like and share this post, you can get it for as low as P200 each! Make sure to make your post public! To order, just shoot me a message on my page:
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Don't forget to check out my Summer Garage Sale on my page from P50 to P180 only. Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your week. Happy shopping guys! x