It Calls For Escapade

Hey guys! Christmas is around the corner and therefore, it's vacation time! What do you usually do if you will going to spend an escapade with fambam? Read more to know how vacation looks like when I am with my family!

As for me, I'd choose to travel, road tripping or just simply going to the beach! Nothing beats fresh air and an amazing view!

Of course that comes with great activities! My son loves to play soccer and I heard bubble soccer are the latest craze bestowing more fun than soccer. They are safer than football and much lighter than any other sports equipment. 

I searched and bumped into this shop which has varieties of equipment! A water trampoline for sale caught my attention! That will make my kids and other family member bounce and have a hearty laugh all the way. It will protect you from every angle and let you enjoy the game. 
If someone in the family love to shoot with 1 archery with 3 arrows, they also sell at affordable price! Amazing isn't it?
I am also looking for something that is cozy that could make us comfortable while enjoying the view. This new Inflatable Air Sleeping Bag Camping Bed Lazybag is just perfect!

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