Love At First Sight

Some of the things that you can see inside my bag. Let's take a look of the details of each lovely pieces! 

Michaela Flat Wallet
If you are the person who are not into chunky wallets like me then this flat wallet really fits us! Try to check Michaelas collection. They got a bunch of awesome pieces!

Card Holders / Wallet
Oh my! This is my favorite! When I first saw this, I grab it right away without any hesitation! Don't you love the prints? It's just so gorgeous and very useful!

Tiny Bag Coin Purse
It maybe tiny but there is so much more with this purse. Too spacey for your coins!
Pink Cord & Cherry Mobile Power Bank
Don't you love the perfect combo of these cord and power bank? It's very handy though I don't know how much power it has!
Iphone  Princess Transparent Case
Another piece to die for. I am really not fond of buying cases and stuff but when my sister gave this to me, it's just to pretty not to say yes! Love it? Well, I am!

Waking up when September ends with all these lovely treats! Time is fast approaching without us knowing we are already saying goodbye to 2016! Anyhow, how are you guys doing? It feels so good to share something personal again! I really fell in love when I saw these pieces and thought of sharing with you guys! I hope you like it!

These are some of the things you will see inside my bag. The usual, just important things for my everyday agenda. If you have further questions like where I got it, prices,or whatnot. Feel free to comment and as well as share what's in your bag! I would love to stumble at your page! x