Every Girl Deserves

Let me start my year right by sharing how I ended up my 2016 and how I started my 2017!
Yay! Before anything else, let me greet you a happy happy new year! I hope you welcomed the year right! As for me? Simple! Someone, who is very special in my heart surprised me with a bouquet. But what makes it extra special? It's my little boy who handed it for him because he's not around! Sweet isn't it?
Every girl deserves this kind of feeling! Why do you think we prefer flowers over chocolate? No-frills! We girls can buy ourselves some chocolates anytime. But flowers? It feels awkward but yes, we can order one but if you think we just want it for no reasons? No! There's just something that makes a girl feel important and special when a guy takes time to surprise us with flowers! Agree? 

Check out how I turned this bouquet into something to remember, here! Let me know how memorable you end up your 2016 and what do you think every girl deserves? x