From A Bouquet To Flowers In A Box | DIY

Let me show you how I turned a bouquet to flower in a box. My own DIY! 

Things needed:
  • The bouquet it self (Flowers, Wrappers, Floral Foam, Ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks / Glue Gun
  • Box
How to:
1. You need to cover the box using the wrapper that was used to wrap the bouquet.
2. Place the floral foam inside the box and add water so the foam is soaked. Then, trim the flower stems accordingly.
3. Push the flower stems into the foam.
4. Add the rest of the flowers! Voila!  

Yay! TBH, my partner is not fond of surprising me some flowers and I am so shocked when I got one from him. You can check how it was given to me, here. Anyhow, this is one way on how you can keep the flowers to make it memorable. You can put it in a vase if you want too! So, what do you think about my flowers in a box? x