Who takes care of your hair?

Ever since I tried bleaching my hair for the first time, check my previous post - Hair Transformation, some of you wondered how I take care of my tresses right after. What's my secret?
Well, If you are following me on my social medias, I am also fond of curling my hair and that makes it more damaging. Correct?
So, how do I take care and maintain my straight tresses even it was already bleached, dyed and even curling it often?
I am no expert on this but these hair treatments were recommended by Watsons. So far, so good. It keeps my hair smooth and silky! Try it, I bought this for 299php(if i'm not mistaken) buy 1 take 1! Good deal!

I'm thinking of doing a "How do I curl my hair?" Video. What do you think? Let me know and your hair secrets too! x