Day To Night With Rosegal

I'm happy that I am able to share my passion for fashion a bit often despite these crazy schedules. Aside from sweaters, see more what I'm rooting in the latest trend! 

Belted Elastic Waist Plaid Pants - Beige

This is the latest pants these past few days which the belt is attached to its pants. Hassle free huh! And plaids are on the go!

Wide Leg Printed High Waist Flowy Pants - Blue

You will never go wrong with wide leg pants. Ever since, oldies wore this! Old-fashioned but still extraordinary!

Tribal Print Split Wide Leg Trousers - Black

This this this! The tribal print, the split, the wide leg? Isn't this the perfect trousers? You may go to the beach or even attend a party wearing this and worry less!

High-Waisted Geometric Patterned Flare Pants - White And Black

And this patterned flare pants, so old-fashioned yet it simply amazing! You'll standout wherever you go!

Vintage trousers or pants! They are just heaven sent from above. If you want look tall or just kind of lazy day to hide those skin, these are the perfect get up! From classy to simplicity, there'a no in between you gotta stand out girl! Which one is your favorite? You gotta check Rosegal for more! x