Skin Care Routine

What's your skin care routine? Let's talk it over!

There's a lot on my plate lately from workloads to responsibilities at work and homr but of course, keeping myself all together is a must!

Stressed? Taking care of myself is one of my priority and my skin too! I'm just glad that Mcdell Healthcare Products, Inc collaborated with me and right on time to treat my skin! A heaven-sent from above! Nyay!

Before anything else, I have a sensitive skin so I don't use any beauty products at all. Yes, you heard it right. Even make ups! The breakouts and everything makes me stress ha! So I chose to prevent these situations where I get stressed and worried with all these stuff. Beside, applying this and that? Oh lazy girl right here! Feel me? Ha! I bet!

Splashing it with water for me is good to go! So, wonder what's my Farmstay story? 

Let's check this Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam..
  • First, the smell is so good! You will really feel clean and fresh after washing your face.
  • Because of having a sensitive skin, I felt slight itchiness on the sides but I get that all the time when trying new products. So, I consider it normal. Itchiness go away afterwards.

Overall. It's a 9/10 for my sensitive skin! I tried applying the Snail Repair Cream next and I'm in love with the scent! Maybe, the scents will always be the first thing I will consider. If it doesn't smell good then it's a no for me! Ha! Agree? After applying it, the softness of the product makes my stress go away. I mean, it feels so light even after waking up the next day, the glow is still there!
Check out my photos on my recent posts on  Facebook Page or even in my daily dramas on my Twitter page to see it for yourself! All photos were raw. No filters and just took it using my phone. I want to show the authenticity of the products here and no, hidden bola. So for me, I would recommend their products! Let's give them a chance to take care of your skin too! Check out their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram! 

I will post my mask review next and also, watch out for our coming giveaway this month. Stay tuned!

Shoutout to Mich of Mcdell for contacting me. My privilege to work with you guys! Thank you! x