Farmstay Story | Cucumber Face Mask

Aside from the Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam and Snail  Repair Cream I've got from McDell, I also got this Cucumber Face Mask and it's my favorite at the moment! Why?

I never tried putting a mask on my face! Hah! Too noob for this beauty regimen because I'm that kind of girl who is lazy for this arte! Haha No offense, it's not bad. I just call it "arte" because for me, I used it when I feel being maarte! 😂
So yes, first mask experience was simply amazing! I mean, I didn't know it feels good putting a mask on your face.
Best used after washing your face. Let it stay 15 to 20 minutes then gently massage left-over serum to face after removing the sheet.
Look at that glow! Check out my video, here. Yay! ❤

Tip: Place it on the fridge hours before using it to have that cool feeling. Mind you, feels so good! Walang halong biro! Wanna try it for free? Check our on going giveaway! Don't forget to follow Mcdell Healthcare Products too! x