We all go through hard times in life. We face hardships and immense struggles. And it's the reality we all have to deal with. Nothing to be ashamed of. Let me share what I went through before glowing up!!!

It all started with a small bumps on my neck. I thought, I got it from what I ate like chicken, seafoods or whatnot. Or maybe, with my hygiene too?

Have to consider where I am exposed right now and I have to double up my skin care, not just the simple splash of water. Yea?

Excuse the disgusting and gross photos. 🤮 I have never imagined this would happen but thankful that I woke up from this horrifying nightmare! It's super eewnesss but just have to share the experience.
Also, maybe it triggered with these hair products:
Because why not? Look at the outcome? Haha
It's actually bearable for the first few months. You can still see me manage to put a smile on my face.
But acne starts spreading on my forehead too. And ya know what your girl did? I tried these few products...
  1. Neutrogena Toner
  2. Derma Acne Spray
  3. Bentonite Clay Mask
  4. Aloe Vera Hydrogel
  5. Celeteque products
  6. Wildleaf products
  7. Agdigus Charcoal Soap
That I thought it would help solve my problem but HELL NO! IT WORSEN THE SITUATION! 😩I'm not saying, the products weren't good but maybe it doesn't suits my sensitive skin. 
Remember, these products might work on you!
Oh my gosh! Imagine how I managed to wake up everyday and could still show up in front of my customers? Horrifying experience!!!
Still tried to smile despite the ugliness but oh Lord I cannot!!! So October last year, I finally decided to go on a check up. I went to SM Seaside and look for a facial clinic that has dermatologist. And voila, there's one from Flawless
They gave me few facials and let me buy their meds, and it costs me around 7k in total!!! Yas not exagerating but that's too much! Here's my after facial look:
I, even self-medicate, asking the pharmacist what is the best ointment:
1st one, suggest by my doctor which didn't work on the first few months.
2nd one, that's the ointment from the pharmacist, which didn't work either.
Last one, it was recommended to me by the last dermatologist I consulted last December. See the result at the end of this post.
When all I thought, it's working but it is still there. So, around November, I went to a real dermatologist clinic to have it checked and she prescribed me these medications that costs me, just around 2k plus. Not bad after all:
Pea-sized on everything every night. Patience and consistency. Then just my facial cleanser and sun protection moisturizer in the morning. Will share these products on my next post.
She explained, that for about 1 to 2 months, there will be purging like it will all come out. Just keep using it.
For about a month, I'm pretty hopeful that it will heal anytime soon.
Lo and behold, before the year ends, this happened! What a frustrating year-ender!
So, I did second opinion and this time another dermatologist prescribed the Bactestop Ointment and Flucloxacillin Capsule. Swear to God, just 1 or 2 days, the redness went away and it lessened! As you can see on the above photo. That's 1 or 2 days apart.
Okay, so I welcomed 2020 with this skin condition. Happy despite there were still some bumps but healing on the process. Some blemishes too!

My advice to you, if you experience this kind of nightmare. Like first few days or a month, go directly and have it check with a dermatologist. Or even if health issues. Don't waste your money with self- treatment or medication. You'll gonna save more promise! So, curious what's my skin condition now and my skin care routine? See you on my next post!!! x