Almost a week and I've never felt more at peace! ✨
Last week, I have decided to take a break from my socials, just because I want peace of mind. Taking social media detox has been my thing since 2018 and it never fails! There are a lot of advantages when you keep yourself away from stress and all the dramas. So, you better help yourself to find that peace and inner calm!

How often do you reach your phone first thing in the morning or the whole day? Is the amount of mental energy we give every time we scroll through our socials worth it? Instead, we can read a book to learn more, do some chores to feel productive or even by simply doing yoga to reflect your life! Iis an activity far beyond exercise, this practice heals the mind & body for a long, beautiful and healthy life!

I'm getting myself back on track and does that mean I'm back to blogging? Maybe, maybe not. Let's see! I am just here to remind everyone that social media ain't real life but there is more to it than that! Be inspired and not the other way around! Keep the love and light coming! 💫
What is your LSS today? I'm currently going loco over Beautiful Scars by Max Millian! Please listen to it for me. The best lyrics that describe what I am feeling lately!

That's it, Father's Day is around the counter and I guess I need a box of tissue while reading all of your entries from our on-going giveaway dedicated to our real life superheroes! 😪Join HERE and answer this question, "BAKIT KAIKAIBA/WEIRD/BEST ANG TATAY MO?" Goodluck! x