What's for our Monday Motivation?

Today, I thought of things on how to inspire more people on this blog. Believe me when I say, these past few Joel Osteen has been one of my best friends. In fact, he has been part of me since 2017 if i'm not mistaken. I will share that on  my other post!

For now, let me share you a few words from his YTube channel! 

Always remember to not let things we can't control sour our day. Are you having a bad day with people who are so dear to you? They may not change, but you can change. Life is too short to live frustrated, upset over things we have no control.

Also, people have the right to have their opinion and you have the right to ignore it. People have the right to be rude, and you have the right to stay happy. Quit letting their negative comments upset you!

They wouldn't talking about you if you weren't doing a difference. Nobody talks about that are not doing anything. You know, why? They are talking about you because you are going places. They can see there is something special about you!

You have to remain calm. Successful people don't let garbage trucks overtake their day. Keep your cool. Be as you want to be! x