Been on hiatus lately, why? Simple, to protect my peace! 

Since March when this pandemic started, I didn't just protect my health but I also chose to protect my peace. I think I've never felt this way before! I hope you too, I hope you always choose yourself first more than anything nor anyone. This is very important because we can't give what we don't have within us.

These past few days, I'm stirring up something for myself to move forward and unleashing my skills more. Waking up everyday with a grateful heart and thought of sharing some love and light to you guys.

I have been thinking what to share like how I've been to, what I did to achieve this contentment I'm feeling right now in my life. But how? So, little by little, allow me to inspire you through Joel Osteen videos once every week. Then let's see what's next I have in my plate. I'm excited, I hope you too! Shall we?
Here's the key. 🔑 

Your happiness is not someone else's responsibility. You are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody can keep you fix except our heavenly father. Don't go to people for what only God can give.
We will always pass by some roads that are bumpy, unexpected challenges  will occur and without a spare? we will get stuck!

Life is too short to live offended, upset, discourage. We are not always going to be here, you have to put your foot down and say, "I am not going to let the same things keep upsetting me."
As Joel reminded us that we can't control what other people do, but we can control what we doIf we let people upset us, we are giving away our power, we are letting them control us.

The key.🔑 
Don't let their poison get in to you, don't let their bad attitude sour your day.
 Let's overcome evil with good but never evil with more evil. Let's not allow their poison to contaminate us. We don't let another person ruin our day from now on. We can't keep it from happening but we can keep it from getting on the inside. Let's guard our heart. 

We have to be good at ignoring things and be selected which battles we fight. Let's choose our battles wisely. We need to learn to walk away from things and let God fight those battles for us.

I think, God changed my life when I started to asked this phrase too, "Lord, take control of what I say, help me to keep my lips sealed. God, help me to not say things I shouldn't, help me to walk away from rude people..."

I hope this simple message inspire you to stay in faith and stay in peace. Let's keep moving forward for the better! x